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Window treatments can be necessary for the function of the space, with needs in light control, privacy and/or insulating factors. They are also wonderful ways to add style, softness or a focal point to a room, as well as help camouflage an awkward window.

A window treatment plan typically includes recommended window shading and curtains as applicable. I can help guide you through choosing what would be good for your window.

If you want greater detail, I will draw up a sketch of your window with recommended treatments for you to be able to visualize it, or we can simply discuss the best window treatment options for your needs.

I can also give you tips such as where on the wall to place the rodding to achieve the best look for your window, and explain why some shades are better choices than others, etc.

The window treatment plan can be detailed or vague. In the less detailed plan it would include vague fabric suggestions, such as style, color, pattern and scale, fabric type etc. his will allow you to fine tune it with what fabrics you find in your local store or with your drapery workroom based on this ‘fabric framework’ recommendation.

Or you can select a more detailed window treatment plan in which I’ll give you exact fabric suggestions. These would include the direct shopping links as well.

All in all, I do have a lot of experience in window treatments, I can ‘hold your hand’ through the process and help you pinpoint exactly what would be best for your window.

Here are your options for e-design consultation on your window treatments:

In order for me to help you design the right window treatment for your room, I will need to virtually see your room and windows. Please click over HERE to see my tips of taking photos and measurements.

Window Treatment Plan Choices:

Click on the option below to purchase the exact level of consultation detail you need for your decorating project. If you have questions which ones are right for your project, feel free to email me and we’ll discuss which is the best fit.

Option 1

Simple Window Treatment Question e-Design Consultation

Includes answer for your simple question as you work on your own window treatment. Includes applicable shopping links as well. I will guarantee shopping links for 30 days, if within that time link expires, I will replace it with another link in like style.


This is for you if you are doing your own window treatment shopping and/or designs, but have a simple question for sourcing or design that you’d like to bounce off a professional.

Option 2

Basic Window Treatment Advice e-Design Consultation

Includes advice and recommendation e-design consultation for a single window style, to help you design and select your own window treatments. You may purchase multiples if you need help with multiple window styles.


In this consultation, I’ll give you advice on things like where you should mount the rodding for draperies on your window’s style, or advise you how to figure out your own window treatment plan. This is selection is intended for you if you want to design your own window treatment plan, but have multiple questions about it. It does not include my recommendations for an exact window treatment for your windows, but instead this choice is solely to offer my expertise and sourcing contact for you as you’re planning your own design.

Option 3

Window Treatment Plan e-Design Consultation

Includes a detailed plan for a single window with applicable shopping links for shades and blinds, but not exact fabric for curtains and draperies. I will guarantee shopping links for 30 days, if within that time the link expires, I will replace it with a link in the same style.


This window treatment consultation is designed for your window style, your room’s style and your budget. If you have different window styles, then they may need different treatment styles, so this price is based per window style.

Sometimes window treatments need to be layered to offer all the function needs. For instance, shading to give privacy at night, curtains or draperies for added style, or to camouflage an awkward window, cafe curtains to give privacy during day, and this list goes on. It all depends on your exact needs and style. This basic window treatments will give you an overall plan for what would work great for your window’s style, with applicable shopping links for blinds and shades, but not the exact fabric links for curtains and draperies.

Option 4

Window Treatment Plan Exact Fabrics e-Design Consultation

Includes the window treatment plan for a single window style as described in Option 3 along with the exact fabric shopping links for the curtain and/or draperies too. Shopping links are guaranteed for 30 days.


This window treatment plan includes the detailed design of the treatment, with applicable shopping links for the shades and blinds, as well as the exact fabric recommendations and shopping links for the curtains and/or draperies. Swatches will be sent as available as well.

Do you have a different window treatment need than what’s listed here for an e-design option? Email me and see if it’s something we can help with!

For all design plans…

Frames and Frills doesn’t sell any goods or furnishings directly. I can source furnishings for you, suggesting an exact sofa, dresser, light fixture etc. with the exact shopping link for said item. ( If you purchase something through some of the shopping links I send you, I may be compensated from the retailer, but there is no additional cost to you for that) I will primarily recommend furnishings from major national brand online stores, sometimes I may source something from a local store or an online site such as eBay or Etsy. Whichever the source is, you will be the one responsible to buy directly from them and communicate with them regarding shipping, delivery, furniture warranty etc. Frame and Frills LLC is not responsible to any defect or fault of any furnishings, pieces or material recommended.

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