Design Plan Expectations

There are different levels of detail you can expect to get in a design plan from Frame and Frills. It all totally depends on what you need, and how much help you want on your particular project.

Depending on what the project is, the process will vary. The trajectory and momentum will be based on what your overall goal, budget and desire for amount of help from Frame and Frills is.

Some design consultations may not require any type of sketch, but just purely recommendations and direction for making the best choices in your project. For instance, with both color schemes and accessories consultations, I’ll provide you with my detailed recommendations as well as shopping links for each product that will best suit your style, budget and size for it.

Some design consultation plans will require the preliminary measurements be transposed into a working sketch.

If we’re working on details for a facade to a house, or a new fireplace chase design etc. there really isn’t a ‘floor plan’ involved, it would probably be an elevation sketch to best explain what I’m envisioning for the design change. In that case, I’ll start with a very rough sketch to start to show you some thoughts for a design.

In other design consultation plans a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the space is the best approach, in that case I’d sketch up a 1/4″ scale of the floor plan to work from.

I’ll run this plan, (or multiple plan ideas if applicable) by you to discuss options and fine tune the plan.

Once the details are nailed down, I typically sketch up a perspective of the new space, though just a free-hand drawing in a sketch format, unlike a floor plan, which is a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the room, this sketch perspective can be a better tool for visualizing a room.

For example, this was the first rough draft of the elevation for this porch. (see below)

It gave me the ability to get my design thoughts down on paper, even though not completely to scale, it was close enough that it communicated enough to my contractor for us to be able to understand each other, and nail down the details. I also had some photographs from other porches and pergola beams to show him for design inspiration. It was the combination of pictures, drawings and verbal communication that made the final design for the porch.

None of my plans will include professional blue-prints.

I am not an architect, I’m an interior decorator, therefore, any changes to the structure I recommend are presented as possibilities. You would be responsible to have the changes approved by a qualified contractor to meet your local building codes before you begin. By hiring me, what you’re tapping in to is my design creativity, with the ability to take a poorly functioning space that lacks style and turn it into a space that functions well and is lovely to be in. I specialize in creative thinking, designing ways to create character and interest in a room’s design where there previously was none.

Be sure to check out the portfolio HERE to get a glimpse of some of the projects I’ve worked on.

Form Follows Function…

In working out a new design plan, my greatest priority is to make the space function efficiently and well for you and your family’s needs.

Closely following that initial ‘function’ priority is the ‘form’ priority, which is to make that now better working space, stylish!

I firmly believe both form and function are important and achievable. If a space looks great but doesn’t perform for your tasks at hand, that beauty is totally lost on the frustration of a poorly planned out space. Likewise, something doesn’t need to lack style to work well.

Let’s make the space function well, then create its form to look beautiful…

Save or Throw…

When planning a renovation or remodel for yourself it’s easy to fall into the mind-frame to think the entire existing design and plan is wrong so everything needs to be removed. However, sometimes all that’s needed is some basic tweaking, or a partial demolition, and a pair of fresh eyes can help see that.

I specialize in working with what is there, always carefully considering if it is quality, and if it is worthy to maintain, or better to rip it out and start fresh.

There can be a fine line between keeping something because it’s good quality but may take a little more effort to keep it in the design, compared with just gutting everything because that’s going to be the most efficient regardless of the loss of original character.

As your creative designer, I’ll give you the options, pros and cons, to help you decide where the balance is for your particular project.

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