Who I am and What I do…

Hi, I’m Liz, a (mostly) self-taught interior decorator.

Liz Montello,
owner Frame and Frills LLC

Over the years I’ve helped people with their decorating needs covering both interior and exterior decorating.

Through all the decorating jobs, design work and whole house renovations I’ve been involved with, I’ve narrowed my efforts to what I’m truly passionate about…

Simply put, my passion is to take an unattractive or poorly working space, interior or exterior of the house, and transform it into a well working and lovely home, all on a budget!

I absolutely believe that good design doesn’t have to break the bank. I know how to refresh a room with a small budget. I love to reuse both space and furnishings in a fresh new way, being efficient and smart with the budget.

Click here to peek at some of my decorating projects.

Fresh Eyes

Whether you are unhappy with your current home’s floor plan, the ‘look’ of the interior or exterior, or you’re considering purchasing a house that doesn’t quite fit your style… a fresh approach to a better design may be what you need.

That’s where Frame and Frills can help. When I start to plan a remodel, I look at the space with fresh eyes…

Sometimes a simple color change, different accessories or new furniture arrangement is all that may be needed to breathe new life into a space. I can suggest those changes, with shopping links to specific pieces, that will be the right size, color and style for your design goals.

However, sometimes what is needed may be a little more extensive.

My brain loves the creative thought process. I’m not afraid to consider all sorts of avenues and possibilities to accomplish the goal of designing a better space for you.

Therefore, the finished design plan will be based on your direction, budget and overall goals for the space.

What I am and am not…

I am an interior decorator with an ability to visualize how a space could be in order to create better flow, greater use of your space as well as look pleasing.

As an interior decorator that has worked through many renovations, for myself and for clients, I have a pretty good grip on general construction. However, I am not an architect or general contractor. I can tell you what the new design plan could be, what it could look like, and how it could function, but I will not tell you ‘how’ to construct the design. I will not create professional blue-prints.

With Frame and Frills, what you’re tapping in to is my design creativity. I’ll look beyond a poorly functioning space that lacks good style to visualize a space that functions well and is lovely to be in. I specialize in creative thinking and designing ways to add character and interest in a space where there previously was none. Any changes that I would recommend for your walls, floor plans and the like are your responsibility to have approved with your contractor before beginning work to be sure it is code compliant for your local area.

If you hire Frame and Frills for interior decorating consultation, I typically will give you a plan sketched out in 1/4″ scale. (see ‘Design Plan Expectations’ for more detail on that plan) This is not a blueprint, and is only my thoughts on how the space could possibly be improved. Depending on your contractor, they may need more than just this sketch to work from. It’s important when you meet with them to have the sketch to show them so they are able to do their qualified recommendations for changes and construction of the remodeling. If your contractor wants to work from blueprints, they may have the ability to create them, or it would be your responsibility to contract a drafts-person to make the contractor approved plan into blueprints.

Problem solving skills are necessary in renovation! It’s good to keep in mind there can be ‘surprises’ lurking in the walls, so it’s good to remain flexible during the process in regards to some details of the plan.

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