Workshop Demonstration


Demonstration Workshop

Come and learn in the workroom in this casual demonstration style workshop.

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This workshop winds up being free because you get the workshop admission amount back as store credit!

Want to learn how to prep, paint, or learn a new technique such as glazing, decoupage, transfers, raised stencil etc? Here is a great way to spend an hour or so in the shop in a casual workshop demonstration style and learn.

I’ll show you on a piece I’ll work on live as I explain tips and techniques to accomplish the technique. I’ll also explain about the products used for prepping and painting etc.

You Name It!!

Scheduling this workshop is very casual! Just get a couple people to come in, set up the date, time and subject you want to learn about with me ahead of time. The workroom has limited space, so I can only have 4 participants at a time, (besides me).

The cost for this workshop is $25 which is fully refunded as a store credit to be used to purchase your product with when you’re ready to do your project.