Henredon Flame Mahogany Dining Table


Henredon Flame Mahogany Dining Table


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Henredon Flame Mahogany Dining Table


Stunning is a good word to describe the unbelievably beautiful and quite rare flame mahogany grain on this oval Henredon table top!

What was nearly hidden under years of scratches in the original finish, has now been revealed! I’ve removed that old finish and refinished the top with our very durable Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil which has penetrated into this grain for maximum protection and visual ability to appreciate the grain of this rare wood grain.

Legs and table base are painted in Fusion Coal Black. The original solid brass cup casters are intact and in great condition.

The age dents in the wood have been accepted and finished as is, only celebrating the fact that this isn’t a brand new piece.

Henredon is a well known, very high-end furniture manufacturer, known for quality. This dining table is no exception, built of rare crotch a/k/a flame mahogany on the table top and solid mahogany carved edging around the circumference. The table is very heavy and super solid!

Approximate dimensions are:  Length: 70″ x Width: 56″ x Height: 30″.

Shipping not available on larger furniture items at this time… Local pick up only.

All of the products to re-do this piece are available in the Frame and Frills shop. Want to learn how to repeat a look like this on your own piece? I’ll gladly walk you through the process.

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 56 × 30 in

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