Color Card Fan Deck 2021 Colors Add-on


Fusion Mineral Paint Color Card Fan Deck 2021 add-ons

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Fusion Mineral Paint Color Card Fan Deck 2021 Release Colors Add-on

These are the 2021 release colors add-on cards for your old fan deck. 

Welcome to the colorful world of Fusion Mineral Paint. These card swatches of large color swatches has the 2021 release color collection including: Rose Water, Eucalyptus, Bellwood, Mist, Paisley, Blue Pine, Hazelwood, Cobblestone, Chateau, Cashmere, Victorian Lace and the metallics, Silver and Gold. The fan decks we have HERE already have these additional cards in them… These would be if you have an old deck and want to add the 2021 colors to it.

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