On-Site Consultation

On-site interior decorating consultation is the most traditional way to hire an interior decorator. If you live in the New Richmond, Wisconsin area, this may be a great way for you to hire Frame and Frills. We offer design consultations of all sizes, from a small single design dilemma to a whole house renovation.

To get started on a new design plan for your space, we’ll meet at your site to see the space. I want to see what it is currently and clearly define what needs to change.

The more I understand how you want to use the space, the better I can problem solve and figure out a great design plan for you and your family.

Once you decide to hire Frame and Frills for the on-site consultation option, I will email you a simple questionnaire for you to fill out and email back to me. This helps me prepare for the meeting. In it will be questions regarding function and family dynamics as well as your style desires for the space. This questionnaire also helps me be able to know what time allowance you will need with me and to define a budget for consultation.

Some questions for you to consider are:

  • How do you want the space to function?
  • What don’t you like about the space currently?
  • What tasks will the room be used for?
  • What things and/or rooms have you seen that you like?
  • What is your budget?

I want to help you create a place that functions well in a style you love, all within the constraints of where your budget is! Unlike some designers that recommend outrageously expensive furnishings when you could get similar styles and comparable quality for a fraction of the cost, I’m a total believer that good design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Once you decide you want to hire Frame and Frills

Depending on the actual size and level of detail needed for your exact project, the price for your design consultation will vary. After you contact me and we have a clear understanding of the scope of the project, I’ll give you a consultation amount based on the information before you commit to anything.

See ‘FEES’ to see more details on in-home consultation fees.

The fun begins!!

At that initial in-home appointment, I will see the space and get all the measurements of the rooms being affected for the redo. If applicable, existing blueprints for the house that you could share with me would be great.

I will take photos of the space as well as of all the pieces of furniture, light fixtures, artwork etc. that you already own and want to keep for the space.

After that, and hearing your concerns for the space, I can then start some creative designing back at the studio.

As I start working on the project and creative possibilities come into view, I may have more questions for you to help me tweak the plan just right for you. Email is my preferred communication for this, so I can easily go back and reference ideas and details we’ve discussed, keeping the design plan as accurate as possible with your requests.

Getting design consultation help from Frame and Frills could be any of the following:

Give Me an Hour

Give Me an Hour, and I’ll tell you Everything I Can: Even though this is the basic on-site in-home design rate, sometimes people think they can only hire an interior decorator if they have a huge project. ‘Give me an hour, and I’ll tell you everything I can’ is a reminder that I can give you design advice at the moment, with no future plan necessary. This may be a quick 1 hour time for me to come into your home, and you can pick my brain with whatever design question you have for your space for that time. After an hour, if you need more time it’s simply priced out at the hourly rate.

Here are some of the different decorating consulting categories:

Color Scheme

Color Scheme: Perhaps your design dilemma is picking the right color for your walls, woodwork, cabinets, doors or just unsure of how to balance the color scheme of your space, or where to use accent colors and how much to use.

Following your direction of how much help you’d like from Frame and Frills, we can cover any or all those color needs. I’ll even give you painting tips if you want to do the painting yourself!

Room Surface Re-Do

Room Surface Re-Do: A room surface re-do is redesigning, resurfacing, re-doing the room to whatever level you need and have the budget for. The consultation and plan are completely led by your direction in regards to how much input you want from Frame and Frills. It could include any or all of the following decorating details: A design/decorating plan based on the function you will use the room for in the style you want to achieve, suggested furniture layout, (incorporating the pieces you have and want to keep, as well as shopping resources for pieces you can purchase if you choose) room finishes such as flooring and tile style, not necessarily the exact wood, carpet or tile selection, but an overall vision for what you need to look for in these choices. This plan can include light fixture recommendations as well as accessories assistance and/or window treatments possibilities, again depending on what exactly you want help with. All applicable shopping links for furnishings would be included in this plan as well.

Kitchen Re-Do Plan

Kitchen Re-Do Plan: The kitchen plan consultation includes an overall plan for the best use of space in this highly used room. Totally led by your direction of how much input you want from me, this plan could include some or all of the following details: The floor plan layout as well as recommendations for cabinet sizes, paint color, exact cabinetry shopping links, tile and flooring options.

Bathroom Decorating Plan

Bathroom Decorating Plan: This plan can include any of the following details, depending on how much input you’d like from me. I can just give you tips and decorating advice to create a great bathroom, with you doing all the legwork, or I can create a sketch of the plan for the bathroom, including creative design details. I can make recommendations for the finishes of the room, such as paint color, exact cabinetry shopping links, tile and flooring options.

Furniture Plan

Furniture Plan: A furniture plan includes the best furniture arrangement for the space, based on your needs for that room. I would create a furniture layout plan, with a hand sketched floor plan in 1/4″ scale. It would include incorporating any pieces that you already have and want to keep, (some of those pieces I may recommend to be resurfaced, or re-used in a different room). I would also include on-line shopping links for the recommended new furniture pieces. This plan will take into account your needs, your style preferences, color scheme and your budget.

Window Treatment Plan

Window Treatment Plan: A window treatment can feel like a daunting task at hand… there is the need for light control and privacy, as well as the desire for it to look good and be a lovely addition to the room. Sometimes window treatments can serve to camouflage a poorly designed window, taking an awkward looking element and changing it into a lovely feature of the room.

This window treatment plan will include recommended window shading and curtains as applicable, with online shopping links as applicable. I can help you get accurate measurements for ordering shades. If you want I will draw up a sketch of your window with recommended treatments for you to be able to visualize it, or we can simply discuss the best window treatment options for you to equip yourself with designing.

I will give you tips such as where on the wall to place the rodding to achieve the best look for your window, why some shades are better choices than others, etc.

Fabric recommendations include color pattern and scale, but will not necessarily be an exact fabric. This will allow you to fine tune it with what fabrics you find in your local store or with your drapery workroom based on this fabric framework recommendation. On a per hour basis, I can give you exact fabrics if requested, with the applicable links.

All in all, I’ll share my experience of window treatments with you. I can ‘hold your hand’ through the process and help you pinpoint what will work for your window’s needs and style.

Floor Plan Re-Do

Floor Plan Re-Do: A floor plan re-do design is needed if you have a space, (or whole house) that isn’t functioning well and/or is so outdated and not to your style preference, that it needs a major change. This typically would be a large project on your end, and is something that I LOVE doing the creative design for, transforming an undesirable design into something beautifully designed that functions well! Typically this plan would include a hand sketched new floor plan with rough elevation sketches for detail changes, with thorough descriptions of my vision to change the space.

A floor plan re-do is to get an overall vision of how the home could look with a fresh approach. It doesn’t include professional blue-prints. I’m not an architect, I’m an interior decorator, therefore any wall, floor, or any changes to the structure I am suggesting as possibilities. You would need to have the final design plan approved by a qualified contractor to be sure your finished plan meets all local building codes before you begin.

With Frame and Frills, what you’re tapping in to is my design creativity, with the ability to look at a poorly functioning space that lacks your style desire and visualize it as a space that functions well and is lovely to be in. I specialize in creative thinking and designing ways to create character and interest in a room’s design where there previously was none. I will be looking at your floor plan and house interior details, ie: woodwork and character details with fresh eyes… to see what simple &/or extensive possibilities could change the house for the better. (please see ‘Design Plan Expectations’ for more description details)

A floor plan re-do does not necessarily include the ‘frills’ or finishes of the room, such as paint color, furnishing plan, flooring plan etc. You may hire Frame and Frills to help you with those decorating decisions as well. But a floor plan re-do is to offer creative ideas in problem solving the issue of a poorly function floor plan &/or unattractive design.

Exterior Consultation

Exterior Consultation: This consultation is to help you tweak the exterior or front of your home with a little re-design to introduce the curb appeal it’s been begging for. Whether it’s your front porch or facade, maybe a fence or garden element that needs changing, we’ll work within your budget and offer up creative design ideas with a goal towards creating an exterior masterpiece!

Sound Interesting?

If any of these decorating consultation ideas sound like it’s just what your project needs, feel free to contact me and set up a consultation appointment. See form at the bottom of this page. I will send you a questionnaire about your project for you to fill out and email back to me to help me prepare for the initial consultation meeting.

The in-home consultation option is only available if you are located close to the New Richmond, WI area. Due to scheduling, you can expect that from the time you schedule me until I have an opening is a normal lead time of 3-6 weeks, sometimes more depending.

Frames and Frills doesn’t sell any goods or furnishings directly. I can source furnishings for you, suggesting an exact sofa, dresser, light fixture etc. with the exact online shopping link for said item. ( If you purchase something through some of the shopping links I send you, I may be compensated from the retailer, but there is no additional cost to you for that) I will primarily recommend furnishings from major national brand online stores, sometimes I may source something from a local store or an online site such as eBay or Etsy. Whichever the source is, you will be the one responsible to buy directly from them and communicate with them regarding shipping, delivery, furniture warranty etc. Frame and Frills LLC is not responsible for any defect or fault of any furnishings, pieces or material recommended.

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