Group Project Classes

This is an exciting new avenue of interior decorating consultation.

The Group Project Class is for the person that wants to do their own interior decorating, but needs a little guidance from a seasoned decorator to know how to approach their project, all in a fun group setting.

It’s a unique way for you to get some creative decorating consultation on your project as well as a few designing tips for developing skills to design your own space!

The 2 hour ‘class’ time will be a fun interactive social time focused on the topic you signed up for. During this time, I’ll help you define your specific project as I share tips and techniques through projects I’ve worked on pertaining to that particular topic.

Each person in the group project class will have an opportunity to share their project and explain what design dilemmas they are having. As a class we’ll work through each project with the benefit of the group. Brainstorming in a group can evolve into some pretty creative design ideas! The takeaway is the potential to learn some skills to know how to tackle your own design dilemma.

Each group project class will focus on a main decorating topic. You’ll sign up for the class, (or classes) of the topics that interests you. (if you have a project you want help with and don’t see a class for that topic, email me… I’m interested in creating classes that are relevant!)

As we work through each participant’s project together, we’ll do things like draw up floor plans, understand color schemes, go through the function and style of window treatments, talk about why some furniture plans work better than others, among many other decorating topics. 

The group project class can be a one-timer… for just a single decorating topic you’d like to learn more about or are planning a project for. It could be for you to plan a fun get-together with friends. (be sure to let me know so I can plan the events accordingly!) The group project class can also be more of an on-going event as you work through a large project and want to take advantage of having input from an interior decorator.

Group Project Classes meet at the design studio in New Richmond, Wisconsin. We’ll have some fun brain-storming, social time and creativity galore!! Beverages and a snack will be included.

**Group Project Classes are planned to start soon! Even though you can’t officially sign up for a class, if you think you’d be interested in one, please fill out the info below and select a day you think would work best for you. This will help me know when to set up the final schedules. Thank you!**

Class Topics:

Window Treatments:

We’ll discuss the functions of window treatments, such as privacy, light blockage and light filtering. Help for understanding how to best mount window treatments, (both custom made and pre-made) to fit your space and window. I’ll also share tips for how to measure for window treatments.

Sign up for Window Treatments Group Project Class will be $75:

Exterior Porch and Facade:

Tweaking the front of your home with a little re-design can often introduce the curb appeal it’s been begging for. In this class we’ll work through your front porches and facades to offer up design ideas to create an exterior masterpiece! Bring pictures of your design dilemma facade, and any pics you find inspiring for facade elements.

Sign up for Exterior Porch and Facade Group Project Class $75:

Furniture Plan:

In this group project class, we’ll work on helping you fix your furniture layout. It can include incorporating all or some or none of your existing furniture as you desire. We’ll also consider the possibility of re-facing some furniture pieces in your plan to fit better in your style. Bring detailed measurements and pictures of your room and each piece of furniture you have that you may use in the plan. (Don’t forget to consider pieces in storage or other rooms that may work better in this project room!) In class, you’ll make a floor plan to scale of your room for a great tool you can take home.

Sign up for Furniture Plan Group Project Class $75:

Kitchen Design:

In this group project class I’ll highlight basic kitchen design ‘rules’ that have been proven to create good work flow. Bring in your floor plan dimensions and pictures of your existing kitchen. Let’s see if a simple face-lift for the area can do the trick or just what level of remodeling is needed to get the space to function better and the look you desire. Bring in ‘inspiration pictures’ from kitchens you’ve seen online or in magazines that you like!

Sign up for Kitchen Design Group Project $75:

Bathroom Design:

In this class we’ll talk about the many possibilities you can have to make a bathroom you love. Bring in your existing bathroom dimensions as well as pictures of your present bathroom. And don’t forget to bring inspiration pictures of things or a style you’d like to implement in your goal bathroom.

Sign up for Bathroom Design Group Project Class $75:

Floor Plans:

This is a fun class, (my favorite subject!) In it, we’ll go through some basic techniques for creating a floor plan sketch. Bring in your floor plan challenges and let’s re-design a plan that functions well and looks great! We really think ‘outside-the-box’ in this class to brainstorm what the possibilities are. Be sure to have plenty of photos of your problem floor plan and measurements, if you have blueprints of the space that’d be fantastic, bring them!

Sign up for Floor Plans Group Project Class $75:

Something different?

If you have a different design topic you’d like a class for, perhaps we can create a class for it! Fill out the form below and let’s see what we can do.

Or if you have a question in general about ‘Group Project Classes’ please fill out the form below.

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