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A floor plan re-do is needed if your current floor plan, the layout of your room, (or rooms) isn’t all it could be and isn’t offering you the style and function you desire.

Perhaps you want a more open floor plan, but currently have very separated rooms. Or maybe your design dilemma is you have a floor plan that just isn’t functioning well, but you’re not exactly sure why not.

With the pictures and measurements, (or blueprints if you have them to share) of your space in hand, I will take a look and see what creative answers there are to accomplish your floor plan goal.

This ‘floor plan re-do’ will include my 1/4″ sketch of your floor plan, see example above. It will not include actual blueprints. This consultation is only my creative suggestions for how it could work better. Your contractor will need to finalize the plan to be in accordance with your local building code requirements.

As I work on this plan I will take into account your needs, your style preferences, and your budget.

Floor Plan Re-Do Single Room

This consultation is for a single room. You may purchase additional consultations for multiple rooms.


The pricing for this sometimes needs to be adjusted depending on what all is involved once I take a look at it.

For instance the floor plan pictured above was a plan for 2 bathrooms that both needed to be re-worked. This floor plan re-do winded up including enlarging the hallway, re-doing the master bedroom layout, also stealing space from an unused bedroom, transforming it into a master closet. So that wound up being 4 rooms re-worked to accomplish this plan. (which by the way turned out exquisite and very functional!)

If that happens on your floor plan, I’ll let you know before I start working on it. You will have the option to be fully refunded before I start.

For the finishes and furniture plan of the room, please refer back to the e-Design Consultation page to select those options.

For all design plans…

Frames and Frills doesn’t sell any goods or furnishings directly. I can source furnishings for you, suggesting an exact sofa, dresser, light fixture etc. with the exact shopping link for said item. ( If you purchase something through some of the shopping links I send you, I may be compensated from the retailer, but there is no additional cost to you for that) I will primarily recommend furnishings from major national brand online stores, sometimes I may source something from a local store or an online site such as eBay or Etsy. Whichever the source is, you will be the one responsible to buy directly from them and communicate with them regarding shipping, delivery, furniture warranty etc. Frame and Frills LLC is not responsible to any defect or fault of any furnishings, pieces or material recommended.

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