The benefits of hiring the right interior decorator for your project makes it a smart investment. Having that guidance to create a great plan for your space and help you make the right decisions the first time can save you costly mistakes.

Here are a few pricing details for the 3 different types of decorating consultation Frame and Frills offers.

e-Decorating Consulation:

Depending on the actual size and level of detail needed for your exact project, the price for your e-design will vary. You choose how much detailed consulting you want. e-Design pricing is all listed with each option on the e-design page. Select whichever e-design project you’re interested in, on that following page you’ll see all the price breakdowns for that option.

Once payment is received, your e-design consultation project can start! I will send you a questionnaire about your project, your style and tips on measuring and taking pictures. When you have that completed and emailed back to me, the fun begins! Yay! I’ll promptly get started on your project and within a few day to a couple of weeks, depending on the scope of the project, you’ll have a creative plan from Frame and Frills emailed back to you.

Please go to the e-Design Consultation page to read more details on hiring Frame and Frills through this avenue.

On-Site Interior Decorating Consultation:

The on-site consultation has different requirements so there are 2 pricing brackets detailed below.

In-Studio Rate: When I’m working on your project in my office, the hourly rate is $75.

On-Site Rate: The hourly rate for on-site visits is $125 per hour for the time Frame and Frills is ‘on-site’ at your home. (There is a 1 hour minimum charge for each on-site visit, then priced in 15 minute increments after that.) A trip charge may apply for on-site locations outside of New Richmond.

There will be a down payment due at the onset of the project, then depending the scope and project size, invoicing will be done accordingly.

Please go to the ‘On-Site Consultation‘ page to read the details of working with Frame and Frills for this type of consultation.

Group Project Classes:

Group project classes are $75 per 2 hour class.

Once you decide on the class you’d like to participate in, you’ll fill out the form for it, (found on the group project class page) which leads to the payment window for that class. I’ll respond back to you with a questionnaire for you to fill out and bring with you to class. The questionnaire is meant to help you define your project, style and budget.

Please go to the Group Project Classes page to see all the details on that avenue of design consultation.

All payments including e-design consultation, in-home consultation and group project class will be invoiced separately via Paypal, which will allow you to use your credit card or Paypal account.

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