e-Decorating and e-DIY Coaching

Flexible and efficient!

With e-decorating consultation and e-DIY coaching, communication and consultation can be done online and with email.

This avenue of working with Frame and Frills allows greatest flexibility with scheduling, so not only do our calendars not have to coordinate, I typically can start your project relatively quickly.

e-Decorating and e-DIY coaching with Frame and Frills is your custom project:

Depending on the actual level of detail needed for your project, the price for your e-design will vary, you choose the details you want help with.


You choose which projects and details you want help with. Perhaps you are wanting a whole room, (or whole house!) Working with Frame and Frills will be your guide to creating a stylish and functional floor and furniture plan and color scheme.


**FREE COACHING** For DIY projects that you’ll be working on with Fusion Mineral Paints and DIY products purchased through the Frame and Frills shop, (in person or online) there is NO COACHING CHARGE for advice, tips and directions from me to help you on your project!

Maybe you’re trying your hand at a DIY project, like painting a vintage piece of furniture for the first time… or wanting to change the color of your kitchen cabinets, but unsure how to start. I can walk you through the process of your DIY project and give you the tips, advice, motivation to get you going.

You’ll do the measuring and picture taking…

Since I won’t be visiting the actual site to see the space in person, you will need to help me visualize what is there and what needs to change. You’ll take photos of the space, and do the measuring, then email it back to me. I can guide you through that process plan as needed.

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Frame and Frills is stocked with Fusion Paints and DIY supplies, available in the studio and online!

Fusion Mineral Paints

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Fusion Mineral Paint is unique in it’s field!

It is truly 100% acrylic base with no additives!Fusion Mineral Paint is an extremely durable paint, perfect for cabinets, furniture and DIY projects, (indoors and out!)

It’s is made with the best quality, finely ground natural mineral pigments means you can get better coverage and depth of color elsewhere! That also means it won’t fade outdoors from the sun!

Fusion Mineral Paint is ZERO VOC and virtually odorless. The environmentally and health conscious formula is also lead free, phlalate free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free.

And of course, there is NO COACHING FEE for purchasing Fusion paint products!

Need more info?

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