Decorating and DIY Coaching

I’m so inspired to help you with your decorating and/or DIY projects that I offer coaching!

I will come alongside you and help you define what it is you need to think about and how to go about being a successful decorator or DIY for your own project.

Maybe you want to update your kitchen, and need a little expert help in how to make the floor plan more efficient, or selecting colors, or you want to paint your cabinets, (or a piece of furniture) but aren’t sure how to best go about for a beautiful finish?

I’ve worked on many, many projects from small DIY projects, to whole house renovations, both for myself and for clients. That experience gives me the knowledge to recognize what it takes to help a project progress from start to finish. It also allows me the personal knowledge of having gone through it myself to recognize what things to inspire others with to accomplish the goal to completion.

I offer both in-person decorating and DIY coaching, as well as e-decorating and e-DIY coaching online.

I also offer Fusion Mineral Paint products and workshops, both in-person, or online!!

HERE you can read more about e-decorating and e-DIY coaching.

HERE you can read more details about in-person decorating and DIY coaching.

HERE you can buy and read more about Fusion Mineral Paint products…

HERE you can see the upcoming workshops we are offering in the studio and online.

Fusion Mineral Paints

Fusion Mineral Paint is unique in it’s field!

It is truly 100% acrylic base with no additives!Fusion Mineral Paint is an extremely durable paint, perfect for cabinets, furniture and DIY projects, (indoors and out!)

It’s is made with the best quality, finely ground natural mineral pigments means you can get better coverage and depth of color elsewhere! That also means it won’t fade outdoors from the sun!

Fusion Mineral Paint is ZERO VOC and virtually odorless. The environmentally and health conscious formula is also lead free, phlalate free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free!

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