Color Scheme for e-Design

Do you need help picking the right color for your walls, woodwork, cabinets and doors? Are you unsure of how to balance the color scheme of your space? Or not sure where accent colors should go and how much to use?

Frame and Frills can help you with each of those color needs. I’ll even give you some painting tips if you’d like!

Color Scheme Consultation Details: The color scheme base price covers 4 colors for your room. These may include colors for walls, trim, upholstery, rugs, window treatments, accessories. I will give you the name and number of colors for these things based on paint chips swatches for reference points. If you need more than 4 colors for your color scheme, then additional color recommendations are $18 each.

With this information, (and color swatches) in hand, you can then plan your furnishings accordingly.

Current Color Communication: I will need to know what your existing colors, (that will be staying) are. That includes floors, ceilings, trim, furnishings, whatever will be in the room. Colors reflect on each other and will change the way a different color ‘reads’, so it is important for me to see the things that will be in the room.

Email me the information on the paint colors that will be staying in the room, (walls &/or woodwork, etc) paint brand, color name and number are helpful. That way I can look it up and see what the color looks like. It’s helpful if you can reference the colors you have with a color swatch, such as: “Behr color: ‘Frittata’ M290-2”. This information usually is on the paint bucket lid too. If all else fails, some paint stores will give you (or loan you) a paint deck with all the little swatches in it that you could try to find the match for it.

Click on the option below to purchase the exact level of consultation detail you need for your decorating project. If you have questions which ones are right for your project, feel free to email me and we’ll discuss which is the best fit.

Color Scheme e-Design Consultation, per room

Includes up to 4 color recommendations for a single room, with the name and number of colors in Behr paint chips for your reference. If you need more than 4 colors for a room, please purchase additional colors.


Additional Color(s) e-Design Consultation

Includes an additional color recommendation to be added to the color scheme already selected. This is only available in addition to the base color scheme purchase for that room. You may purchase as many additional color recommendations as your room needs.


Measuring and Photos: Please refer to ‘Tips for Measuring and Taking Photos for e-Design’ there you’ll find tips to guide you through the measuring and photo process we may need for your project.

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